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Language: English
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Eigentümer: Metalab
Status: Active
Erfordert Einschulung: Yes
Erfordert Authentisierung: Yes
Kostet: 1,50€/minute for non-members, 1€/minute for members
Hilfsbereite: anlumo, ripper, luto, ...
laser cutting acryl

We have aBRM 90130!

2D figures can be cut out of a wide range of materials (wood, many plastics, paper, ..) but metals can only be engraved. The laser is focused on a very very small point so the cut itself is smaller than 1/10 mm. To get an idea what you can do with it, visit Bre Pettis or look further down for some links.

Do you want to cut?

If you want to cut or engrave something, get in touch with one of our friendly helpers. If it's really important though, contact us under Core.png.

Note: the workspace dimensions are 1300 x 900mm

Our friendly helpers so far:

anlumo, ripper, luto, ...

For Information on what you have to prepare to get your stuff cut, have a look at our How to Lazzzor Guide.

Do you want to be aLazzzor-Helper too? Then visit our Laser Cutter Workshop and master the Lazzzor Exam.


..are calculated by cutting/engraving time:

  • 0,30 € per Minute for members
  • 0,60 € per Minute for non-members
Please Note: The help and time spent on getting your file to work is not included in that price and should be arranged before the actual work. Please speak to the person independently. Noone gets paid to help you and there are no guarantees. Metalab is a NGO which provides its members, in context of its goals, with infrastructure. we are not a service contractor.

You can find the Jour Fixe decision about the pricing (in german) here: 2024-02-14_Jour_Fixe

Which Materials you MAY NOT use

What's possible?


Materialsamples von
Materialsamples von

Plexi / Acryl / Other


Maintenance of laser & filter

Do you want to get your hands dirty and help out? Here is some information how!

Filteranlage Kappa LN 230-ZA

Order at: Kappa Arbeitsschutz & Umwelttechnik GmbH Kontakt: Marlovits Sandra

ManualsEpilog 36EXT



  • Focus:
    • Press Stop and then Focus on the machine: Focus on the homeposition, rather then 50 mm diagonally shifted from home..
    • XY-Off, Go: Free moving mode. OK thats not a cheat. NOW: keyboard cursor up/down moves the table up down. Cool! Also works after pressing "focus", without "go" afterwards..
    • Autofocus happens at the first cut/engrave position of the file.
  • Engrave:
    • "bottom up" is sometimes better, depends on the direction of the fumes. Fumes should move away from the deep parts.
    • Stucki Rastering is nice.. Brighten=different gamma
    • panel 3d mode: Not the position of the laser pulses is rastered, but instead the laser-power changes by the gray level. So the laser seems to be constantly on. Needs more Laserpower than in the tables (+30%?).
    • Engrave speed and Power can be changed while the job is lazzoring. Not possible for vector! Press spee/powerd, and cursor up or down, go to apply
    • Plastic: Engrave whith cover foil removed.
    • Plastic: engrave 1.5 mm out of focus=smoother surfaces.
    • Plastic: second pass with low power settings: removes dirt from the depths.
    • Plastic: can be wetted for less melting..
    • Anodizes Aluminium: LOW POWER, High Speed, maybe multiple passes are recommended in the manual.
    • Glas: Coat Area with dish soap. Afterwards, polish with scotchbrite
    • Delrin: super for 3d engrave
    • Colorized Depths: Apply Wax to the top,engrave, color, sand top.
  • Homeing:
    • Center Engrave option in the driver-panel: where home is, e.g. move home from left top to center point, so you can engrave text on the center of a circle...
  • General
    • Multiple passes=print tab->number of copies...
    • The rulers can be flipped to take out the hexahedral baseplate.