Prusa Mk3S

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Prusa Mk3S
Eigentümer: Metalab
Status: Aktiv
Erfordert Einschulung: nicht wirklich
Erfordert Authentisierung: nein
Kostet: gratis, aber eine Spende für Filament wäre nett :)
Hilfsbereite: ripper, BadPractice, nomike, You?

New printer in the house: Prusa i3 Mk3S (no MMU3 yet)

The Prusa was owned by BadPractice and now belongs to Metalab. It is available for everyone to use.

If you have no experience with 3D printing please ask for help and/or read instructions online.

Neues Hotend

Der Drucker hat ein E3D Revo Hotend. Daher braucht er eine eigene Firmware. Diese findest du auf Github.


Using it

(PETG) Warnung/Warning


Wenn ihr mit PETG Filament drucken wollt nutzt die raue Druckplatte !

Nutze NICHT (außer du WEIẞT was du tust) die glatte Druckplatte für PETG! Ansonsten wirst du die glatte Platte wahrscheinlich kaputt machen, weil sich die gedruckten Dinge nicht mehr lösen lassen!


If you want to print with PETG Filament use the textured print sheet !

Do NOT (except you KNOW what you do) use the smooth print sheet for PETG! You will destroy the smooth print sheet with a high chance, because it's hard to remove the printed thing from the print sheet!

Do I need to visit a workshop to use it

No, but you need to reduce the fan speed to 40% on this 3D printer. If you do not know how to change this, ask for help or use the Prusa_Mini which works with standard profile settings.

Material costs

Printing at Metalab is free in general, however it would be appreciated to leave a donation if you print something that needs a lot of material.

technical details

What Facts Comments
Build volume 250 x 210 x 210 mm -
Layer height 0.05 - 0.35 mm -
Filamentsensor -
Filament diameter 1,75mm -
Connectivity USB, SD Card -
Print sheets magnetic, smooth and textured smooth for PLA, textured is required for materials like PET-G because it can destroy smooth sheets
Nozzle diameter 0,4mm

What can i do to help

  • general care for the printer (e.g. cleaning, lubrication of axes and leadscrews)

Multi color upgrade

At 2023-08-22_Jour_Fixe the decision was made to install the multi material upgrade which costs 329€ + shipping.
Half of that needs to be covered by donations. Just add yourself to the list below and make the payment in the safe in main room.

Name Amount paid?
luto 20 €
nomike 40 €
Herbert 50 €
you? 10 €
total 110€ 0€