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Leiwandville im HAR Wiki
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The Camp takes place from August 13. - 16. 2009


To get an overview who ist going when and how to the Camp, please add your name here:

Construction Unit

This group is going to arrive a couple of days in advance. We are guessing that the equipment transport from the lab will arrive in Vierhouten on August 9th. At CCCamp07, this was one of the most funniest things.

We will leave Vienna late afternoon on 8th of august.

This list is for everyone who wants to join the construction unit.

Who Date Arriving Transport Device Comment
red667 9. Aug. car want to join the first group
m68k 9. Aug. car
AndiS 9. Aug. drives his own car and takes 3 more people from construction team versäumen ist nicht ;-)
overflo 9. Aug. car
markus 9. Aug. car
zwax 9. Aug car
Gabi Ankunft am 11.08.2009 um 16:00 Uhr Flughafen Amsterdam Austrian Airlines ich helf gern, aber nur auf kommando
lydschi camp start 13. do, also macht es wohl sinn anfang der woche um den 10. herum (sa, so, mo???) flug oder zug
atrox ? flug oder zug
ra Ankunft am 11.08.2009 um 16:00 Uhr Flughafen Amsterdam Austrian Airlines
kyrah && Marius 11. car
Phantasus Ankunft am 11.08.2009 um 16:00 Flughafen Amsterdam Austrian Airlines
consti + 1 Freund ab 11.8.
??? ??? ???


For people with their own transport vehicle.

Who # people freie Plätze Date Arriving Transport Device Comment
Benko 1 0 11.-12.(?) Fahrrad falls ich vom zivildienst aus frei bekomme...


Deconstruction Unit

Um bei Nazi-Couch-Verbrennungen und diversen Abbrucharbeiten dabei zu sein:

Who Date Leaving Transport Device Comment
red667 when its done ? burn nazicouch burn
AndiS 17. Aug. car burn whatever thing ;-)
markus 17. Aug. car
??? ??? ???


Who # people freie Plätze Date Leaving Transport Device Comment
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Group travel / Metaflight

there is no metaflight this time, sorry

  • Deadline for registration: 15.4.2009
  • outbound flight: 12.8.2009
  • return flight: 17.8.2009

Flight from Vienna to Amsterdam and back. A Shuttleservice from the airport to the camp area and back will be suported. Moved to Metaflight.


We will transport equipment for the Leiwandville and for all projects. No personal baggage will be transported.

Fort transportation we have rented a 3.5 t Transporter for all the hardware and infrastructure that we will bring along. Additionally we will have one car for the people that will join the construction unit. Both will leave Vienna on Aug. 8th and arrive at HAR on Aug. 9th. After HAR we will leave on the 17th and arrive back in Vienna on Aug. 18th.


WEL mobile

the WEL mobile provides enough working space for 8 - 12 inhabitants. The US guys will join us there

  • Reprap Workshops mit NYC Resistor und Reprap Foundation
  • one tent 5x5 metres
  • 8 beertables
  • 12 chairs

Work Tent

the tent is provied by Andy S 2 x (2x6 metres)

  • 8 Beertables
  • 8 Benches

Village Main Space

5x5 metres

  • here we will try to get couches and compatible tables on a fleemarket (organized in Holland by the contruction unit)
  • here we will setup a small Porchlike thing


  • All constructions in order to protect from rain and to connect tents will be made at runtime. We will buy all stuff we need at some hardware store direct in vierhouten.
  • Kitchen
    • TODO make list of what we need in order to provide breakfast and cold water (tools and hardware, coffee maker etc...)
  • Hardware/Equipment
    • TODO make list of what we need (powerswitches/pluggs, beamer, sound, light, furniture, etc...)
  • Big stuff
    • Metacade
    • Metabooth
    • TODO what else? - make list


  • Responsible: YOU
  • We will provide breakfast and enough water

more tasks

  • what projects do we support with money?
    • Potator
    • Knicklichter
    • ??? we need more
  • what about Deko?