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Last Sign Up for the Metaflight

If you want to join Metaflight please add your self to the List at the bottom. To be sure about how many Tickets we have to order you should put your name on the List until ASAP. This is your last chance.

To the Camp

The Plane will take of at Vienna Int. Airport on Wednesday Aug 12th 2009 at 13:55 and arrive in Amsterdam at 16:00. From there will be a Shuttlebus to the Camp in Vierhouten.


You have to take care of how you get to the plane by yourself.

Back Home

We will leave the Camp so that we maybe have some time to spend in Amsterdam because the flight starts Monday August 17th 2009 20:10 and we'll arrive in Vienna at 22:00.

I Want To Join

Who # people Comment
unki2aut 2 Ein Kumpel würde auch noch gern mitkommen
ChrisJohnRiley 1 Flight F
svrmarty 1-3
fin 1
wizard23 1
Manfred Wuits 1
Daniel 2
??? ??? ???

Costs not yet Known

So far we don't know how much the bus transfer to/from the camp/airport will cost, but it should not be that much since it's about 100km to drive.