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Is a multidimensional, creative, chaotic idea producer, who lives in vienna.


  • Gameforth - A Forth system for gamedev
  • Bootforth - A portable C based forth system for bootstrapping forth systems.
  • Dope - the 'do' project environment
  • Ludil - game dev library for C and chicken scheme.
  • SpaceTrot - the second man for a StarTrek(tm)(Copyright: Paramount) Spoof - failed
  • The room corp - a game universe a couple of ideas and a domain
  • Workgear - a wearable ergonomic computing envireonment especially for programmers
  • LoggerMan - a personal database
  • Creepers - a kirby like game
  • Creative collective "bitcrash", well the group wasn't the right mix of people and priorities, so it failed., maybe I use it as a personal webpage.


Meditation, unicycling, Parkour, Esperanto, 3D Modelling, drawing, animation, programming, games, demos, programming languages

Programming languages

  • Low-Level: C, Forth, Google Go
  • OOP, mixed: Smalltalk, Ruby
  • Web: HTML, CSS, javascript, XML, XSLT, etc.
  • AI: lisp ( scheme ), Prolog
  • Scripting: Perl, Lua



  • Apfelmann - My first and very bad demo
  • FourK (demo + specialized forth system), I was the second man, worked on it as long as I had energy (= a couple of months)

Lectures / Workshops


  • Writing games / demos
  • Creating awesome 3D animation
  • Finishing projects
  • Finding the best solutions
  • Free software, without any compromise