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Metalab Booth at TEDxVienna 2012

We are invited to have our own Metalab booth at this year's TEDxVienna event, yay!


TEDxVienna 2012 - Instanity

When: 3 November, 9am-9pm
Where: Odeon Theater
Audience: ~300 people

What: TEDx events are mostly about talks, and there will be quite a few of these sessions, but there'll also be a booth area where ca. 5 organisations, institutions, companies,... can present their "cool" projects. We'll have our own Metalab "booth" (think 1-2 tables) where we can present 3-5 projects all the suggested projects (see below) & ourselves.

Confirmed projects

Suggested Projects


Kay is TEDxVienna's main contact/go-between for Metalab. You can contact her via e-mail (on- or off-list) or jabber if you have questions regarding the event.

Who can help with...?

  • creating + printing flyers
  • collecting existing or printing new, cool 3D objects to display
  • creating 3D models for small objects we can print & give away at the event
  • printing a batch of above 3D objects before the event
  • lazzzoring small objects to give away
  • setting up the booth (transport of tables, projects, Metalab banner, making booth "presentable")
  • running the booth (see also Confirmed Projects) ... Twissi, Pepi, uniqx
  • disassembling the booth (transport of tables, projects,..)