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Metalab Booth at TEDxVienna 2012

We were invited to have our own Metalab booth at TEDxVienna 2012 - Instanity and it was really fun and "a huge success"! :)


The event took place at Odeon Theater where we had about 50m2 space to present projects that were thought up or created at Metalab by Metalab folks to an audience of ~300 people.

Participating Projects

Projects we brought with us:

Participants & Helpers

Thanks to everyone who helped with the booth and preparations for the event!!!

amir, red667, reckoner, m68k, Tom, uniqx, overflo, emi, beanie, twissi, maria, elmar, wizard23, Anouk, mind, WSyS, annarto, Lumbric, gem, philleb, Pepi, Mazzo, zwax & kay.