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Status: active
Thema: Selber Fotos entwickeln, Experimente, Workshops und Exkursionen
Organisator: emi, maria
Treffen: Fotolab Treffen (hauptsaechlich Sonntags, fast woechentlich)
Zielgruppe: Leute die gerne Foto-Nerds austauschen möchten. Amateure und Profis sind gleichermaßen willkommen.
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 2024-02-18

No windows, tiles all around, a large sink, lots of storage space and a door that can be locked from the inside make the small room situated to the right of the entrance to WhateverLab the perfect place for our Fotolab/Chemielab.

If you are interested in developing your own film, in exchanging ideas with fellow photo nerds or just trying out stuff, join us at one of our irregularly regular meetups [de] or subscribe to our Fotolab mailing list. Most of us are amateurs btw., so there's no reason to be shy, even - or especially - if you are a bloody beginner! :)

Durst Enlarger

Darkroom equipment

  • Kaiser VCP 3500 enlarger for 35mm film (with filters) [WIP/Not Available/Shelved]
  • Durst enlarger for 35mm and medium format film
  • Developing tanks: (list out of date and WIP, way more than two)
    • 1x large (fitting either 2x 35mm or 1x 120 film)
    • 1x small
  • Durst Cotherm chemical heater [Not in Use/Shelved]
  • Film reels: (list out of date and WIP, more reels than tanks)
    • 3x adjustable (for 35mm & medium format film)
    • 1x for 35mm film only
    • 1x Jobo Duo-Set Reel #2502 (does not fit standard-sized tanks!)
  • graduated cylinders for measuring chemicals
  • funnels
  • developing trays
  • Durst Codrum processing tank and Durst Comot roller base
  • film clips
  • darkroom lights
  • print tongs
  • storage bottles
  • Polaroid timer
  • a small box of plastic frames for 6x6 transparencies
  • Kaiser slide cutter
  • paper cutter
  • focus finder (use by placing it in the light's center and look for grain)
  • film squeegee
  • thermometer
  • clothes line where wet film & prints can be hung to dry
  • for drying wet paper, one of the screen printing squeegees (Abziehrakeln) can be used

Chemicals & photo paper, consumables

"Fotolabor 1
"Fotolabor 2
"Fotolabor 3
"Fotolabor 4

We have chemicals and paper in the lab, but look carefully for ownership labelz.

Development Times

If you have developed film at the Fotolab, please be so kind and take a minute to enter your development times etc. into our development times table for future reference!

Cameras & accessories

-> List of Fotolab Cameras that can be borrowed (work in progress)

  • a bunch of pinhole cameras made out of black film canisters for 5 Jahre Metalab
  • Optics repair tool (Frounded from: Maria*, Christian*, Emi*, Georg*, Jakob*)
  • *bezahlt


  • more/new photo paper in various sizes
  • loupe
  • press for working with baryta
  • chemicals for colour film & photo development
  • chemicals for print toning (-> selenium toning, sepia toning,.. bleach)
  • chemicals and sunshine for Cyanotype [de]
  • equipment for rotating agitation

How-To's & Tutorials

Photography shops in Vienna


Please refer to the Links subpage.

Old News

Old updates.



Users & prospective future users

tina, fain, Worm23, Fum, Dan, Mihi, Alex, kay, TomK32, Gnulux, jessy, emi, maria, bekassine, anton, Georg, Christian, aiouh