Puta Putin

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Puta Putin  ?

The puta putin was put in the kitchen.

He is hanging over the cash box, opens his eyes and gives you a glowing red stare everytime you stand there reaching out.

But why?!

Because puta putin is a fucking scary guy.

Look what he did to the cute girls from pussy riot because they put his face on en egg and kicked it in a church or something...

You wouldn't steal from putin because it would mean messing with the FSB and the Mafia

Also putin is known to ride bears in his pasttime and shoot hookers or was it the other way around?




I got one of the super ugly ung drill frames from ikea.

Added some gold spray from baumarkt.

Then I got a picture of the scary putin from google..

Added a dash of GIMP..

A little soldering..

A little uC coding



The picture consists of 3 Layers:

  • the front with the scary face
  • the eyelids (a part of his forehead copied)
  • and the eyes on the back (including red leds)

For controlling i used:

  • 1 Teensy 2.0
  • 1 Sharp sensor 2Y0A02
  • 1 old Servo
  • 1 Deflection roller
  • 1 Tensionspring
  • 2 3mm red LEDs


The arduino sketch used to control the servo, read the sensor and fade the leds..

Nothing special in there..

There is a teensy on the back

software is here: [[1]]


overflo did it.

Puta Putin frontview
Puta Putin frontview
Puta Putin backview
Puta Putin backview