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|  [[Benutzer:Fbr|fbr]] <span style="background-color:yellow">€</span>  || tba || buildup/teardown || tbd
|  [[Benutzer:Fbr|fbr]] <span style="background-color:yellow">€</span>  || tba || buildup/teardown || tbd
|  [[Benutzer:VT100|VT100]] <span style="background-color:yellow">€</span> || car/2015-08-xx/2015-08-1x || buildup/teardown || tbd
|  [[Benutzer:VT100|VT100]] <span style="background-color:yellow">€</span> || car/2015-08-xx/2015-08-1x || buildup/teardown || Metafunk, CERT
|  [[Benutzer:Jule|Jule]] || tbd || 2015-08-xx/2015-08-yy || tbd
|  [[Benutzer:Jule|Jule]] || tbd || 2015-08-xx/2015-08-yy || tbd

Version vom 16. Juli 2015, 06:53 Uhr

Language: English

Chaos Communication Camp 2015

  • The next iteration of the Chaos Communication Camp
  • When: From August 13th to August 17th 2015
  • Where: Ziegeleipark Mildenberg, Ziegelei 10, 16792 Zehdenick "near" Berlin (google maps)

Will there be a LeiwandVille ?

LeiwandVille im CCCamp2015 wiki

(Together with to r3ville from realraum Graz)

Hamradio Village in the 2015 Camp Wiki:


Camp Map:

Camp Location auf Google Maps:,13.3069191,125m/data=!3m1!1e3


  • Telefonzelling (All) - Phonebooth with (fixed) Selfiebot and maybe finally a phone?? (may only need network, should be working)
  • Feldtelefone inkl. Vermittlungstelle (have more 2-Wire cable)
  • Amalettomat (Zwax) - Feinste Amaletten aus dem Roboter
  • Bubblewrap Lounge (Alle) - Muss man das erklären?
  • EME - Earth-Moon-Earth (Metafunk) - Signals to the Moon and back again.
  • Cocktailrobot (overflo) - maschinenunterstütztes saufen > saufen.

We'll of course provide transportation for big project things (if somehow reasonable...)

Project Ideas

  • 24hrs Breakfast - As seen on previous camps. Need a few people to help out!

Cost ?

30 Euros: means Transport, Leiwandwille - Zelt,Infrastruktur , Startgeld für 24h Breakfast/Food and Drinks


Das Geld bitte bis 31. Juli im Lab an Amir übergeben. Bis dahin brauchen wir das Geld dann für Einkäufe. Für alle die bis dahin nicht ins Lab kommen, geht's dann auch noch am Camp.


Camp inhabitants means of travel arrival/departure plans and projects?
leyrer tbd 2015-08-xx/2015-08-yy viele :D
Hetti/Pete tbd 2015-08-12/2015-08-16 viele++ :D magicshifter TV-B-Gone Funktion implementieren
Zwax tbd 2015-08-xx/2015-08-xx Amalettomat
cygenb0ck Skalarwellengenerator 2. Ordnung tba/tba tbd
Marius tbd ca. 2015-08-11/2015-08-18 OpenSCAD + ?
fbr tba buildup/teardown tbd
VT100 car/2015-08-xx/2015-08-1x buildup/teardown Metafunk, CERT
Jule tbd 2015-08-xx/2015-08-yy tbd
pl tbd 2015-08-xx/2015-08-yy tbd
Eisbaer tba buildup/(teardown) Metafunk tbd
lydschi car/2015-08-xx/2015-08-1x tba/tbd
AndiS 2015-08-08/2015-08-17 buildup/(teardown) Metafunk, Telefonzelling
Herbert car/2015-08-xx/2015-08-1x buildup/(teardown) Metafunk
phaer tbd tbd/tbd maybe a custom PBX for the phone box, most likely other stuff too
stefan T.A.R.D.I.S. (from Graz) tbd/tbd [redacted]
Clemens Vortex Manipulator buildup/(teardown) Metafunk, tbd
Columbia19 car 2015-08-12/2015-08-18 Cherry-Amaretto-Marmelade, Pina-Colada-Marmelade to be consumed during the 24-hour-breakfast, Geocaching Event
Simon 2015-08-08/2015-08-17 buildup/(teardown) Metafunk, Field Telephone
amir 2015-08-08/2015-08-17 buildup/(teardown)
overflo 2015-08-11/2015-08-18 buildup/(teardown) world peace
nysos Flug 2015-08-13/2015-08-16 Vortrag
Fr333k tbd tba/tba tbd
wizard23 ? 2015-08-08/2015-08-17 buildup/(teardown) & MagicShifter3000
atrox flug 2015-08-15(16)/2015-08-17 Vortrag Angenommen; Teilnahme aber noch nicht fix, da verspätete Anreise aus USA
Pepi tbd tbd tbd
Touri Flug 2015-08-12/2015-08-17 tbd
jain7th/stefan Flug tba/tba tbd
DisplayName (Platzhalter) T.A.R.D.I.S. tba/tba Platzhalter
stefan ? ? Make my 3D printer work. (Its fucking time)

Bus travel

No Bus from the Linzer's unfortunately - Bus travel to Berlin, 22 Euro one-way. We'll not be able to organize pickup from Berlin directly but can pick you up from the next Trains station! Make your way there, it's not too far!

Ride Sharing

Get to the Camp by sharing a car.

If you have a car and want to offer seats or if you need a ride. - Add yourself to the Ride Sharing page.