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Security by Candlelight

Can I get there by Candlelight?
How many miles to Babylon?
Three score and ten.
Can I get there by candlelight?
Aye, and back again.
If your feet are nimble and light
You'll get there by candlelight.
-- Nursery Rhyme
Security bei Kerzenschein

Security sometimes seems like a hard and long journey

But properly equipped it will be just like snapping with your fingers. I'm afraid we will not have a "Babylon Candle" to get us there but at least it will be much more fun to travel in a group and talk about the things and wonders we see along the road.

A Meeting Place for Security Enthusiasts at the Metalab in Vienna

  • Open for everyone, no special skills required. Just be curious, playful and interested.
  • Bring your own Ideas, not your own beer - we have plenty of beer/Club Mate in the fridge. We want your input and active participation (not to say your soul) - don't be shy :)
  • Security by Candlelight is not a workshop or a lecture type of event but a discussion and exchange about different aspects of security.
  • We want to cover hacking and defending systems, we want to talk about physical, network and application security. We want to discuss about social hacking and security awareness, we want to do things and try some cool hacks on our own.
  • Our goal is to meet two times a month at the Metalab Library in a relaxed setting with changing hosts and topics, with presentations, workshops or discussion rounds.


The "library" at the Metalab in Vienna: Map

Upcoming Meetings

# Date Topic and Host(s)

Next Meeting

# Date Topic and Host(s)
#12 2010-03-15 Mon 19:30 POSTONED Security Mechanisms in IPv6: What's new, what' cool and what's annoying

Hosted by Lynx and MiKa and naxxatoe

Past Meetings

# Date Topic and Host(s)
#11 2010-02-05 Fri 09.00 PM - 2010-02-07 Sun 08.30 PM SecBC Special: ShmooCon2010

Unser außertourlicher 3-Tages-Marathon anlässlich der ShmooCon in Washington D.C. - mit live stream!

#10 2010-01-14 Thu 19:45 c.t. Advanced Network Security

Hosted by Daniel Mende (ERNW Heidelberg)

#9 2009-08-07 Fr 19:30 Security by Candlelight at PlumberCon. Plumbercon is a security mini-con at the werkzeugH in the 5th district of Vienna.

Planned Topics: We would like to continue with our "Seven Layers of Insecurity" focusing on physical security, a topic which is often neglected when IT security is implemented.

#8 2009-07-23 Thu 19:30 We were able to schedule another "Security by Candlelight" before the the PlumberCon. This time we have the following topics: Security Management and Risk Management. Now that we know about our possible enemies we will go the next step and evaluate how security breaches can affect information systems and which steps are apropriate to "mitigate" (dt.: abschwächen, mildern) any risks. Doing too much is expensive, doing too little is dangerous - finding the right balance is an art (and a science).

Hosted again by: Lynx, Naxx and MiKa (as planned, changes possible).

#7 2009-07-01 Mi 19:30 Resurrection of Security by Candlelight: Meet, get to know each other and open discussion with Lynx, Naxx und MiKa.
We will present a little introduction to security based on our "Seven Layers of Insecurity" workshop, presented at the DeepSec 2007 Conference in Vienna and then hope to start to get a little interactive.
#6 2008-04-01 Tue 19:30 Self-Spreading_Linux_Malware
#5 2007-08-16 Thu 19:30
  • Dan Kaminsky (Black Ops 2007 - Billions Of Packets Can't Be Wrong),
  • Bre Pettis (Dangerous hacks from Make magazine)
#4 2007-05-07 Mon 19:30 Consti: Vienna City Terminals
#3 2007-04-16 Mon 19:30
#2 2007-04-02 Mon 19:30 Philip: tcpdump for beginners ;)
#1 2007-03-19 Mon 19:30

Norman Bates' Mother: No! I tell you no! I won't have you bringing some young girl in for supper!
By candlelight, I suppose, in the cheap, erotic fashion of young men with cheap, erotic minds!
Norman: Mother, please...!
Mother: And then what? After supper? Music? Whispers?
-- Psycho (1960 film)

And What's after Security by Candlelight?
After SBC is before SBC