Security bei Kerzenschein/SBC12 IPv6 Security

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Security by Candlelight #12: Security Mechanisms in IPv6

The third episode of season four

This time we will discuss security concepts of IPv6. IPv6 introduces a new approach to security functions for network communications: a central security service which can and even should be used by network applications to achieve CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability). The basic functions confidentiality and integrity are provided by IPsec and the higher availability is a "by product" of reduced risks and threats to the communication. IPv6 provides several additional features and functions besides of IPsec which further enhance the security. We will take a look at address assignment, neighbor discovery, temporary addresses, router discovery, encryption and authentication.

Some examples of "next generation" protocols and applications will be presented to illustrate the new approach.

When / Where

Fri 21.05.2010, 7:45 pm c.t. @ Metalab Library, Vienna, 1st district, Rathausstr. 6


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