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Corresponding to the latest ShmooCon news,


2010-01-14 22:30:50 : Now everyone can see ShmooCon
Either due to schedule conflicts, sold out tickets, or ninja attack, there are a number of folks who won't be joining us the first weekend in February.
To that end, we'll be streaming ShmooCon live via uStream this year. We've done some initial testing and we believe it should all go without a hitch. That said, as with anything you try for the first time, there will be hiccups. However, if all goes according to plan, you'll be able to watch live ShmooCon talks from the comfort of your couch and with no pressure to shower.
We'll post info on where to tune in to watch right prior to the start of the con.


We'll be setting up a live stream watching environment in Metalab's comfy L..L..Library Loft - for all of us who didn't get the chance to make it to ShmooCon this year!

So who's in? What should we bring? How bout creating some 'local' knowledge|tool|malware sharing pool? ^.^

Programm & Teilnehmer

Date Time Activity Participants?
Fri 2010-02-05 09.00 PM - 02.00 AM TBA MrBibber
Sat 2010-02-06 04.00 PM - 00.30 AM TBA MrBibber, astera, Robe/Michael, socialhack
Sun 2010-02-07 04.00 PM - 08.30 PM TBA MrBibber