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Involvierte: User:Amir, User:Sonstwer, treelanguage
Status: completed
Beschreibung: Create a nice
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 2020-03-28

Wuhuuu, it's done!

We want to reproduce this wonderful painting on a wooden canvas. We wanna use the same technique that was used for the "Day of the Tentacle" painting in the lounge: a projection of the image as template. We chose a painting that will be very challenging to paint, though it has been reduced to 12 colors. We need people to help painting it and we need money for the paint. If you want to donate or help, please add yourself to the list at the bottom of the page. We need about 140€ - excess money will be donated to the metalab.

The Template


The Result

StarryMarioFlower result.jpg

Color Palette (Histogram)

#000100 srgb(0,1,0)
#80817E srgb(128,129,126)
#000082 srgb(0,0,130)
#008180 srgb(0,129,128)
#7A80FF srgb(122,128,255)
#7AFFFF srgb(122,255,255)
#078002 srgb(7,128,2)
#80FF7E srgb(128,255,126)
#830017 srgb(131,0,23)
#FF754B srgb(255,117,75)
#E0DE58 srgb(224,222,88)
#FEFFFC srgb(254,255,252)

Project Heroes

  • Ralf: Transport of materials
  • Phantasus: Priming the canvas
  • m68k: Priming the canvas, painting
  • amir: Transport of materials, assembling/priming the canvas, painting, Mounting the painting
  • pwnschlager: Painting
  • min: Painting
  • Hannah: Painting
  • rin: Painting
  • juli: Painting
  • pk: Mounting the painting



Personally I'm in favour of the location you initially proposed on Stadtflucht 10, i.e. replacing Metwalys galaxy at the Lounge. Sad to say, but his artwork has seen better days and at an earlier occasion he stated he wouldn't mind if we decide to not keep it. For me it would fit much better into the lounge (natural habitat) than in the main room where it constantly causes a bit of unrest. (Reminds me a little bit of the graffity/tagger deco we had in 2011)

I understand there's also joy at the act of "Malen nach Zahlen" and DIY but rather than a reproduction as a fresco (and as such claiming some durability) with limited color depth etc it won't come close to the original. The artist is Aja Kusick and she runs an Etsy shop. As a mother of a child with autism she may still in dire need of income. One can buy a reproduction on canvas up to 30" x 30" (76cm).

This stunning print of my original painting entitled "van Gogh Never Leveled Up" utilizes all silver traditional photo processing. It is printed on high quality stretched CANVAS - yes, this is a full canvas print!! It is stretched over stretcher bars and will come with wires for hanging. You can hang this right away! The sides of the canvas have the image continued on it so it does not need to be framed. --

I would flip in some bucks if you want to collect for a decorative canvas. It's size/appearance won't be overly and one can take it down and hang it on another place. --pk (Diskussion) 01:54, 22. Jul. 2017 (CEST)

In fact i proposed to paint over the "day of the tentacle" painting. The photograph i based this graphic on is "creative commons share-alike" so we aren't violating any licenses. I thought about buying a canvas, but where is the fun in that? Anyway, I'd be in favour of donating some money to her. I'm aware it won't look like the original, but it doesn't have to to look awesome. btw. we thought about doing the reproduction on a canvas instead of the wall.

--amir 09:57, 22. Jul. 2017 (CEST)

Please be aware that the wall between Lounge and Main Room eventually will get some treatment because of the wall cracks. The land lord will consult their master builder about what can/should be done. --pk (Diskussion) 14:00, 22. Jul. 2017 (CEST)