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I hope no-one minds that I set up a little bit of the metalab wiki to work on the reprap project.


This is a robot that I hope to have done for Roboexotica which starts this Friday. The noble goal is to be able to print out shot glasses!

If you would like to help that would be great. I'll be at metalab every night all week, but feel free to contact me.


Here are the parts of the project. If you can help on them, great!

  1. Reprap/Hardware
  2. Reprap/Software
  3. Reprap/Electronics
  4. Reprap/Extruder

What's needed?

Urgent: Supplies needed! If you can give, lend or sell me the following things, that would be great

  • Power supply: 12 volt computer power supply... the kind that come in beige boxes will work I think.
  • Skate Bearings
  • Non-Metric and metric drill bits and taps
  • 3 Stepper motors beefy ones would be good, but if you just have an old printer we could probably extract them.


Interested in helping?

Put your name here. Everyone who works on the bot, gets their name on the bot.