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Reprap Electronics

There are a few components here.

A wiring harness is going to be key here to wrangle all these together. Getting everything powered appropriately is also going to be tricky. These boards are all made and need to get put on some sort of platform. I don't have a power supply yet, if you've got one to donate, lend, or sell, let me know. The only thing that needs to get done is a stepper driver board is fried and I've got another and it needs to get put together.

  1. Arduino - This project will use every single pin.
  2. Motor driver - Built this and it works. This drives two motors. I only need it to drive the extruder motor, but it could also drive a fan. Picture link [1] Detailed info and files [2]
  3. PWM Driver - Built and works. This provides PWM power to 3 things. We will be using one of these to power the heating element. More info here [3]
  4. Stepper Driver - Built 3 and fried one. I have another board, but all the parts need to be extracted from the old one first. More info [4]
  5. End Stops - They're cute! [5]