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Hackerspace Challenge 2011

Introductional video

A major electronic component distributor suddenly realized that there is a huge market in the hackers and DIY community and founded a affiliated company called element-14 to deal with us guys'n'gals.

To get themself known they talked to the right people and these people had the right ideas.. and now there is a hackerspace challenge.

Many hackerspaces worldwide were contacted and asked to participate and 30 hackerspaces have joined the challenge.

The hackerspaces got 6 weeks to design something that has a microcontroller and a portable powersource inside and can be used for education.

The EduBuzzer

We will contribute to the project with our own device: the EduBuzzer.

The EduBuzzer is a very flexible hardware thingie that consists of some LEDs, 4 buttons, a beeper and a radiocommunication interface.

It enables students and teachers with new ways to collaborate, play games, have quiz shows, surveys, multiple choice tests and much much much more.

In fact you can develop your own applications for the EduBuzzer in JavaScript and we will create a place to share your programs with the rest of the EduBuzzer community.

Progress, details, links and other things will be documented in various places on the Internet, foremost here in the wiki but also at the element14 community website

The assembled EduBuzzer
Build edubuzzer.gif

Interesting public documentation

The documentation of the project is kept in this wiki:

  • The picture gallery contains moving and still images, from the first prototype to the latest hardware
  • About the team
  • FAQ of all the questions that might still remain unanswered

Internal documentation