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HAR2009 T-Shirt

Hacking at Random


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International technology & security conference. Four days of technology, ideological debates and hands-on tinkering.



  • Airborne Glowsticks (contact: Marius)
    • 3 large helium balloons will be filled with up to 9 cubic meters of helium; this will be give a total lift of ca. 9 kg.
    • The balloons will hover 10-20 meters above ground and be ancored to the ground using light but durable rope.
    • Between the floating helium balloons, we'll suspend up to 3000 glow sticks (Knicklichter), depending on weight, mounted into some kind of art/figure/logo shape.
    • The balloons and lights should last for one night.
    • Needs:
      • A name
      • Helium: Where can we get Helium in Holland?
      • Ideas for what to model with the light sticks
      • Help with actual artwork
      • Helping hands for execution
      • Funding: Helium is not cheap
      • Budget:
        • Glow sticks: ca. 100 EUR
        • Balloons: ca. 70 EUR
        • Helium: Up to 240 EUR (but should be considerably cheaper)
  • Chemische Experimente
  • Physikalische Experimente
    • Superkartoffelkanone mit Wasserstoff/Sauerstoffgemisch, bicycle-powered (green energy), extend it into a rocket launcher
    • Teslacoil
  • Leiwandville T-Shirts
  • Retroreflektiv RGB-Box Setup
    • I'll bring some highly retroreflektiv material;
    • Needs some RGB-LEDs (as a ring to put around a video camera) to create a highly-efficent green/blue box environment.