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GoCNC is a small CNC-Fräse machine for milling in max A4 size.

Tech Specs

  • Steppers are set to 1.5A, 8 Microsteps
  • Maximum working Plane: X165, Y290, Z65
  • Maximum Speed: 1000mm/min - better use 800mm/min
  • For use with Dremel or Proxxon Device as spindle


Currently the mill is working with the LinuxCNC Setup on the CNC PC. There is an option for a USB Device that does the realtime stuff in a FPGA but that only works with a Windows PC.

If you are familiar with the LinuxCNC Workflow on the Geil-o-Mat, you can use it as well as on the GoCNC with the difference that the Spindle is NOT automatically turned on and off because the Relais on the control board can not be attached to the spindle!!!