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Orga für das Leiwandville 3.0 auf dem Chaos Communication Camp 2011

Orga Team

  • Consti
  • m68k
  • AndiS
  • markus
  • Marius (WhateverLab Mobile, projects)

Construction Unit

Diese Liste ist für alle die beim Aufbau dabei sein wollen.

Who Date Arriving Transport Device Comment
markus  ?  ?
m68k  ?  ?
AndiS  ?  ?
amir  ?  ?
ra  ?  ?
???  ???  ???

Destruction Unit

Diese Liste ist für alle die beim Abbau dabei sein wollen.

Who Date Arriving Transport Device Comment
markus  ?  ?
m68k  ?  ?
AndiS  ?  ?
ra  ?  ?
???  ???  ???


What. How. Finance......
Maybe zem will drive with his truck and we can put stuff in there <- CHECK THIS

I have some cargo space left (about 3x2.5x2.5 m³) so I can carry a few sofas and big. I can also pull a truck trailer we can organize one this will be the best solution. Zem 08:05, 24. Aug. 2010 (CEST)


  • See META-Dome
  • WEL-Mobile: A 3x6m pavillion tent (like at the Camp 2009) should be sufficient. Wooden floor is a plus but not a must.


  • See META-Dome
  • Food - Drinks - Bar ???
  • 24/7 Breakfast ???

Project Ideas

  • Spaghetti Monster Follow-up

After the success with the airborne glowsticks project (instantly dubbed the Flying Spaghetti Monster on launch) at HAR2009, I'm eager to discuss and launch another larger project at the CCCamp. No ideas yet, but I'd like to see a combination of some of the following: airborne, lighting, blinking, huge, complexity through organization of _lots_ of simpler objects, interactive?. Needs brainstorming, funding (the HAR project was ca. 500 EUR I think), prototyping, design, building. Alpha-testing at Stadtflucht 2011 is prob. a good idea. (MariusKintel 14:22, 20. Aug. 2010 (CEST))

    • I did which was flying and had the chance to blink if I wanted it. HElium was the main ingrdients. This is an expensive and depleting natural resource, so I would hesitate to use HE again, rather go for a loooong stick or a quadcopter --leobard 13:28, 30. Sep. 2010 (CEST)
  • META-Dome

Build a dome as the main tent / bar for the Leiwandville 3.0 village.

  • Seekrit food project

My better half and I have an idea for a project involving selling food. This is not for profit, just for the artistic value, but it still needs to be sold to make the project work, plus people must want to buy it (will be fixed by it tasting good and being surprisingly cheap). To do this, we'd have to be allowed to sell limited amounts of food (at irregular hours) from our own food stand. The project also involves an amount of viral marketing on-site, but that should be doable to pull off. Task #1 is thus to check with CCC under what circumstances we can handle the food sales. (MariusKintel 21:00, 31. Aug. 2010 (CEST))

  • if not sales - trade against objects the "consumers" have? could allow you to circumvent selling regulations ;-) --leobard 13:28, 30. Sep. 2010 (CEST)