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Labelz are small self-adhesive labels one can put on things that are somewhere in publicly used enviroments like hackerspaces, offices, workshops and so on. The label should make it possible to understand who owns this thing, what you are allowed to do with it, what to do if it is broken, if you can move it someplace else, and things like that.

For information about earlier versions of Labelz, please look into the history of this Wiki article.

Sourcecode: Github

Label Printer Settings in Firefox

On a new install, the Preferences print.printer_Brother_QL-700.print_margin_* have to be 0, also print.printer_Brother_QL-700.print_header* set to "" and print.printer_Brother_QL-700.print_shrink_to_fit => true.

In the printer driver a new format has to be created with width 62mm and height 30mm, printing in portrait mode.