(Full) disk encryption under Linux

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  • Date: Fri, October 23 16:00 (ct)@Metalab library
  • Description: Short explanation of disc encryption in general. Then encrypting disks (or parts of it). (:
  • Language: German or english
  • Lecturer: ra, you?
  • Duration: ~2-4h (it highly depends on the amount of data you want to encrypt)
  • Participants: amir, Phantasus, cygenb0ck, nomike, oib , you?

Bring the laptop/PC you want to encrypt and an external harddisk if you are low on local disk space. Make sure you are able to boot from CD/DVD (If this is a problem I will provide a PXE boot environment). I will also bring some bootable CD-Rs (with grml and gparted).

Make a backup of your data before encrypting!