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Metalab is a space where you can pursue your curiosity, realize unique ideas or meet and exchange with others. As Vienna's oldest and largest hackerspace, Metalab offers an atmosphere where people of all skill levels interested in art, technology, society, and sciences come together to share knowledge and work on personal and collaborative projects.

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What is a Hackspace?

As an activity, hacking is not just restricted to breaking into computer systems. Before Hollywood hijacked the term for underwhelming action movies, hacking meant using knowledge and curiosity to overcome technical and creative challenges. Many things, be it software systems, clothing, hardware, or even your body, can and should be hacked.

A hackspace is a community-operated workspace where hackers with common interests can meet, exchange knowledge and work on projects with their peers.

Metalab view from the street

Creativity and Knowledge

Metalab lives and thrives off its members and community, allowing for horizontal knowledge transfer. You can find groups interested in programming, network technology, ham radio, electronics, robotics, art, activism, and inclusivity.

Interest groups meet for regular meetups and workshops, offering talks and hands-on experience. These events are usually open to the public and free of charge.

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Members and guests often host events, lectures, workshops, and meetups, most of which can be visited without registering. Here is a calendar of the upcoming public events at Metalab. Feel free to check them out and see if something piques your interest.

Important events from our calendar. You can also visit the dedicated calendar page for future events.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

We consider ourselves an inclusive community where everyone is welcome regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, income, or religion. We aim to provide an environment of mutual respect, tolerance, and encouragement.

Metalab collaborates with Define and MACH'S AUF! to make the space more inclusive towards Deaf, blind, and visually impaired people.

Unfortunately, the space is not fully wheelchair accessible because there is a small staircase at the entrance and in front of the restroom. There also isn't a guidance system for blind people and only a small number of braile labels.

Tools and Infrastructure

We have many tools and machines, including a laser cutter, 3D printers, a CNC mill, a lathe, sewing machines, a vinyl plotter, and a well-stocked electronics laboratory. All of our tools can be used by guests but may require supervision. If you want to use tools like the 3D printer, CNC, or laser cutter, don’t hesitate to contact core@metalab.at to find a date when someone can supervise/help you.

Two people standing in front of a 3D printer

What Does It Cost?

Our space is mainly financed through memberships. You are not required to be a member to use the space and host events, but it is encouraged if you visit regularly. The standard rate for memberships is €30, reduced membership fees are available for students and people in financially precarious situations.

Many tools and machines are free to use, though we are always happy about donations for materials and maintenance. The main exception is our laser cutter, billed at €0.60/min of cutting time.

Donation box on a table at Metalab

Visit Us!

Metalab is generally open every day after 6pm and often earlier if at least one member is in the space.

For your first visit, we recommend coming during one of our regular open days (held on the second Thursday and fourth Friday of each month). During the open day, people will always be happy to provide a tour of the space and help you use our machines. Alternatively, you can also visit during MetaInvasion day, when the space is exclusively open to women, agender, inter, non-binary, and trans people, as well as people who are still questioning their gender.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us per e-mail at core@metalab.at, call us at +43 720 002323, or visit us at Rathausstraße 6, 1010 Vienna. You can also reach us at Mastodon.

You can also look at the detailed description on the Location page.

Area Plan Around Metalab [View Larger Map]