Picture of the entrance to Metalab

Floor Plan

The Metalab features 220m² of education, recreation, and workspace for grown-ups and younger people. It is located just below the ground floor (Souterrain) in the first district of Vienna, with various rooms for interruption-free parallel pursuit of activities.

Metalab Floor Plan

Otter Space

The Otter Space (formerly called the Main Room) is the largest room at Metalab. Here we host our large talks, user groups, and sometimes parties. It fits up to 50 people and is stocked with tables, sofas, whiteboards, a projector, and a setup for recording and playing audio.

Outside of events, people usually use the room to work on their laptops and to socialize.

The Otter Space with a few people sitting and chatting


Our Library has an extensive collection of technical literature, non-fiction, and fiction. It is also a space where you can work on your projects, separate from the hustle and bustle of the other rooms.

Smaller user groups and smaller meetups can take advantage of our projector, whiteboards, and audio system.

The library with computer screens, projector and two people working on computers

Whatever Lab

The Whatever Lab (usually called WEL) is our workshop area for electronics, laser cutting, 3D printing, T-shirt printing, and much more. Besides instruments necessary for hacking electronics, such as oscilloscopes, function generators, bench power supplies, electronic loads, etc., it features a well-stocked assortment of hardware and electronic components available for purchase.

Limited-time storage boxes are available for members to store their work-in-progress projects.

A person soldering at the Whatever Lab

Laser Cutter Room

Going by its namesake, this room features the laser cutter, a BRM 90130. It also features a PC with the requisite software to convert the graphics files you want to cut or engrave.

The BRM 90130 laser cutter with its accompanying computer

Photo Lab

The Photo Lab is our designated area for analog photography and dark room. Here you can develop film, make stencils for screenprinting, or conduct chemical experiments (within reason).

An image projected onto a table using photo equipment

Heavy Machinery

Here you can find our “heavier” tools, such as the CNC mill, the lathe, a drill press, welding equipment, and various wood- and metalworking tools. Working with large machines is dangerous if safety procedures are not followed, so an introduction is required before using them.

If your project is likely to leave a mess, such as dust or filings, or generate bad smells, such as spray painting, this is the go-to area. Please clean up afterwards anyways.

A Metalab member grinding metal with flying sparks


The HEL (short for However lab) is our dedicated area for creating artwork, sewing, and handicrafts. It features a button maker, sewing machines, a graphics tablet, and art supplies.

A button machine and a few sewing machines on a shelf


Our Lounge is the slacking area. Equipped with screens, a projector, an audio system, and multiple gaming consoles. Come here to chill with others and escape the constraints of productivity. However, you can also use the comfy sofas to be productive; nobody is watching.

A closed door showing an Out of Order sign


In our kitchen, it's possible to cook (un)healthy meals day and night using Metalab's cooking equipment. Bring your own food or buy it from the groceries store across the street.

Two people cooking food for a large group


Gather drinks from our beverage fridge or ramen from our vending machine.

A glass-front fridge carrying beverages with a box of stacked ramen packages next to it