Security bei Kerzenschein/SBC7 Seven Layers of Insecurity

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Security By Candlelight #7: Seven Layers of Insecurity

The first episode of season three:

This will be mainly a "get to know each other" meeting and as a sort of "kick off" a short presentation will be given which is based on a two day workshop. We will give an overview of the areas of computer and network security.

The presentations are online and under Creative Commons License:

Module 1: Security Essentials
Chapter 1-1: Motivation of Adversaries
Chapter 1-2: Cybercrime
Chapter 1-3: All About Your Network
Module 2: Network Reconnaissance
Chapter 2-1: Fingerprinting
Module 3: Hardware Hacking:
Chapter 3-1: Hardware Hacks
Module 4: Data Layer
Chapter 4-1: Data Link Layer
Module 5: Network and Transport Layer
Chapter 5-1: TCP/IP
Chapter 5-2: Routing
Chapter 5-3: VPN
Module 6: Applications
Chapter 6-1: DNS
Chapter 6-2: SMTP
Chapter 6-3: FTP and HTTP
Chapter 6-4: Filesystems