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aus Metalab Wiki, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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(No More Wuzzler, Scanraum.1 retexted)
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; '''[[HoweverLab]]''': Our former [[Medienlabor|audio room]] is currently being turned into a new purpose room.<br style="clear:both" />
; '''[[Müllraum]]''': Our former [[Medienlabor|audio room]] is currently being turned into a new purpose room.<br style="clear:both" />

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With about 222m² of Space, the Metalab is stuffed with Machines and Gadgets which melts Hearts of Hackers, Tinkerers, Chemists, aso... alike. No matter if soldring circuits, cutting videos or dancing - it happens all here.


Our anteroom serves as Getränkelager, meaning this is where our Holy Grail - i.e. all Mate crates - are kept. Also offers a coat rack where you can leave your jacket.
Flexible Space for Events, Meetups and Collaborations, with free Wlan and other infrastruvture (Beamer, Leinwand, Whiteboard, Flipchart, Soundsystem etc.). Some Open-Source-Projekt and Startups all began here.
Here we work on all sorts of electronics projects, print awesome things with one of our 3D printers, cut & engrave acrylic, wood and other materials with our laser cutter and create t-shirts and stickers with our vinyl plotter. There are several soldering stations as well as our Bauteilsortiment, an assortment of electronic components which can be bought for a small fee.

Whateverlab also houses our:

Dark room for developing photographic film and making prints. There are regular (usually fortnightly) Fotolab meet-ups where different techniques are tried out together. The members of our small but diverse group of Fotolab users aren't pros and new faces are always welcome! We also use this room to prepare our screens for screen printing and it's also - albeit rarely - used as Chemielab.
Heavy Machinery. The noisiest room at Metalab, where people work on projects involving (the cutting, drilling, sanding etc. of) wood and metal, among other materials. Also houses Geil-o-mat, our CNC mill.
This is where we cook together (or for one another), obtain our daily dose of Mate and get busy filling the dishwasher (not only) during our daily cleanup at 11pm. Our kitchen's bar counter is also a very popular hangout during parties!
Bibliothek / Workspace
A library (with lots of IT-related books) on the one hand, quiet office-like meeting room on the other (separated by a door from our main room). A number of different user groups meet up here on a regular basis.
Our former audio room is currently being turned into a new purpose room.
Relax, focus & social area with couches, beamer, and (retro) gaming hardware.



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