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A Thin and Light Open Source ARM 64-bit Notebook for Tinkering –


We got a Pinebook64 donated. As multiple people were interested in it I thought it's worth the effort to put up a wikipage so to coordinate the "who can have it now?" or who is now the "final" keeper of this piece of technology.

Currently it's kept by Phantasus and can be shown to anyone who is interested or in a round robin fashion shared with interested people.

Overview Review

It's fast enough to render KDE plasma smoothly. Keyboard is about the quality of a cheap Acer notebook, better than a full rubber keyboard but below of a good keyboard like the ones used in Thinkpads. Screen is high resolution and battery is long lasting.

Name Finding
Keyboard layout QWERTY
Operating System Some kind of ubuntu/debian ARM derivation. Not yet fully determined. Armbian?
Touchpad Large, rough surface, better than an old Acer Aspire One but still not good enough for heavy mouse usage