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== Todo ==
== Todo ==
*Configure a web interface.
*Configure a web interface
*Index usb drivers plugged in automatically.
*Index usb drives plugged in automatically
*Use more hot glue
*Use more hot glue

Version vom 20. Januar 2011, 05:39 Uhr

Music Invader

The Mighty Music Invader

A hot glued space invader on a stripped dockstar attached to a router using hot glue and carrying a half glue stick glued over the orange and green led as well as a usb drive with the other half of the glue stick hot glued to the red led and a usb sound device with a green led.


The sound system in the whatever lab is controlled by a dockstar running music player daemon. You can connect to it with a mpd client to collaboratively create and share playlists. Streaming from your laptop is also possible by running a streaming server (e.g. shoutcast/icecast) and adding the stream to the playlist. Shared media is automatically indexed.

Clients i saw people using


Install a client for you operating system and set the host in the connection settings to


  • Configure a web interface
  • Index usb drives plugged in automatically
  • Use more hot glue