Music Invader

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The Mighty Music Invader

A hot glued space invader stuck on a stripped dockstar attached to a router using hot glue and carrying a half glue stick glued over the orange and green led as well as a usb drive with the other half of the glue stick hot glued to the red led and a usb sound device with a green led.


The sound system in the WhateverLab and in the Main Room are controlled by a dockstar running Music Player Daemon. You can connect to it with a mpd client to collaboratively create and share playlists. Streaming from your laptop is also possible by running a streaming server (e.g. shoutcast/icecast) and adding the stream to the playlist. Shared media is automatically indexed.

Clients i saw people using


iTunes User können jetzt den Music Invader im Hauptraum direkt mittels AirPort ansprechen.
Danke shairport (Und jetzt hab ich endlich (!) die buffer underrun bugs gefixed und shairport startet jetzt automatisch, d.h. wenns mal off ist einfach neu anstecken)
nicht mehr aktuell, da AirPort nicht mehr vorhanden


Install a client for your operating system and set the host in the connection settings.



Main Room





  • Configure a web interface
  • Index USB drives plugged in automatically
  • Use more hot glue


.. to mazzo for printing the protecting space invader :)