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BETA!!! Running in Production since years

Currently BETA TESTING please leave all your experiences, ideas, bugreports, suggestions on the discussion page Diskussion:Metalock running since years quite good!


  • is a custom built lock system and the successor of Metalock
  • it consists of a DOCKSTAR embedded linux system, an EMZY sponsored by EVVA and an Arduino
  • An Raspberry Pi for serving the Door Status as a Website

Door Status

Door Status is working again since July 2018 :
Available in the local network over IPv4: + IPv6: http://[2a02:61:a2::d8]/

Globally available under (IPv4 + IPv4)

IPv4+IPv6 Mirror exists under


  • Only Software of Door Status is on Github.

Lessons learned:
The Setup is not documented and quite complex.

Hardware documentation

  • tbd (how is everything connected)
  • Door Status is wired directly to the door status switch. Voltage divider is between the 2 connectors of the soor status Switch.

From 5V to 3V for the Raspberry Pi GPIO. 22K Ohm + 33K Ohm Resistors.

Software documentation

  • TBD ;) (yeah right..) (pitfalls, config, buildprocess)
  • IP: (local IPv4 of DOCKSTAR)

Door Status:



  • Overflo - Electronics + Arduino
  • Amir - Sheevaplug Setup + Javaapp for serial communication

Doorstatus Software & Hardware:

  • Brought to you by Nico, Nini, Ripper, Phileas, and many other lovely Metalab people <3
  • Resurrected™ by Hetti






We are planning to replace the whole System in the (near) future with an simpler and better setup. Metalock 3.0 - TBA -