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MCH2022 (May Contain Hackers)

The next iteration of Netherlands Camps


Scoutinglandgoed in Zeewolde, 55km east of Amsterdam

Project Ideas

Marktplaats is like Willhaben/Craigslist for the Netherlands.


Next meeting takes place on 2022-06-14 19:00 in the Metalab BBB


Camp inhabitants means of travel arrival/departure plans and projects? Ticket?
eest9 TBD TBD staying sad at home missing
anlumo parent taxi 2022-07-21 / 2022-07-26 TBD
ripper Dome transporter 2022-07-18 / 2022-07-26 or 27 Dome_2.0
fbr (maybe) 2 or 4 wheels buildup/teardown TBD missing
Basti Dome transporter TBD TBD
Eisbaer BE (Licence only) buildup/teardown TBD missing
Hetti (maybe) ? buildup/teardown just enjoy the camp missing
Hagbardcelin bicycle(maybe) recover at camp TBD
pascoda tren 2022-07-21 / tbd TBD

Carsharing and driving licenses

Person License arrival/departure Car?
Basti B TBD a trailer (only) that can load 600kg, but it's in Styria; Hat Erfahrung damit Transporter zu fahren
Hetti B TBD Maybe it would be possible to borrow a car
ripper ABCE TBD Kann einen Kleinwagen notfalls zur Verfügung stellen, fährt aber auch gerne den Transporter.
Eisbaer ABE (Licence only) buildup/teardown fahre alles bis 2x 3,5t

Things to Transport

Dinge die zur MCH Transportiert werden müssen aus Wien

Thing to Transport Size Weight Owner
THING cm x cm x cm x kg You?
Tent TBD TBD kg Hetti
tent, sleeping bag & mat TBD TBD kg pascoda
tent, sleeping bag & backpack TBD TBD kg Basti