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* [[User:MariusKintel|Marius]]
* [[User:MariusKintel|Marius]]
* [[User:kyrah|kyrah]] - ''if it's April 2-3 or 16-17 (I am not in Vienna April 9-10)''
* [[User:kyrah|kyrah]] - ''if it's April 2-3 or 16-17 (I am not in Vienna April 9-10)''
* [[User:cygenb0ck|cygenb0ck]]
* you?
* you?

Version vom 21. Januar 2011, 00:09 Uhr

In the Beginning of April, we will fly in Ian Baker of interpretive arson fame to teach us how to make and control fire.

(since vienna is a pre-fire society)

This will be a weekend hands-on workshop for up to 15 students.

The workshop (at least the hands-on parts) will not be held at metalab.

The workshop will cost money for (at least) flying our teacher in and materials. Price depends on # of participants and material costs. Up to 100 EUR are possible (probably a lot less though).


Give us your name if interested, also limitations in your budget (:

Problems to be solved


  • Find a suitable location
  • Find participants

do you know suitable locations? warehouses, anywhere? contacts? send them to fin

do you know people who'd be interested in this? send them here! (:


  • Figure out local regulations
  • Find materials
Quoting ian:
1. The plumbing is different.  We'll have to figure out what's
available for use in class.
2. I won't be able to bring a crapload of stuff with me, which I
usually do for the larger effect that we assemble (it's an
accumulator-type effect that I keep around for this purpose, but it's
built with American parts and includes bits that can't fly on
3. The law is different, if there is a law at all.  This is something
it will be difficult to research on my own, and I certainly won't feel
qualified to teach this part.  I can explain how you go about finding
that stuff out, though...
4. I usually provide links to suppliers of parts.  Those likely won't
be useful over there.