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Love doesn't know boundaries

Looking for something?

Hacker seeks Hacker

  • ente is looking for someone to help him write plugins for the metalab wiki as well as cleaning the damn thing up. Let's organize a bi-weekly metalab infrastructure user group?
  • min is looking for someone to write cool Demos with. Did some webgl before, but needs to look into shader programming again. Doesn't matter if you don't have any experience, let's learn about it together!
  • acheloos is looking for some hackers to overclock many many things. From some full-blown Intel CPUs to even an Arduino. (And discuss some cooling methods, LN2/Dry Ice/Water/Air)
  • ripper is looking for someone who would help him with upgrading his Partkeepr setup from v0.1.9 to v1.0.0. Thanks to the tutorial it runs on the server (badly) but I don't really know what and how I did it (some years ago). It is some database stuff and php I guess?
  • amir looking for another person that survived 10+ 220V/230V electric shocks. ibisum bin dabei.

Hacker seeks fun/gaming

Hacker seeks thorough discussion

  • socialhack is looking for other knowledgable people to discuss 5G, network slicing, various forms of mobile and fixed line traffic management under the viewpoint of net neutrality

Hacker seeks knowledge

  • ente — always, all the things. Come talk to me. Particularly useful skills I don't have yet: electronics, using the Geil-o-mat.
  • LuGam seeks someone who can finally explain him the Qt Creator plugin system for custom ui widgets
  • min anything electronics related. If you want to make some Blinkenlights or other cool stuff for lab and need a hand, please ask me.
  • amir new tricks on how to make "quickly expanding chemicals" from everyday products.

Hacker seeks hardware

  • ente would be interested in an ExpressCard UMTS/HSDPA modem for his Thinkpad X200 Tablet (not sure which kind of card this actually is but if you have one I'd like to try it out)
  • acheloos would be interested in an ThinkPad Mini Dock Series 3. :)
  • Harald is looking for an Intel 80486DX2-66 CPU, that might be gaining dust somewhere.
  • ripper is looking for 3 piezo buzzers which can usually be found in PCs - amir: We got 4khz buzzers in the bauteilsortiment
  • nioram is looking for a 10.4" 4:3 LCD screen.
  • min recently moved, and still needs furniture. I'd be happy if anyone has old shelves, chairs, or a table they don't need anymore.

Offering something?

Hacker offers Hacker

  • ente is interested in almost all kinds of shenanigans. Poke me.
  • ibisum Ditto.

Hacker offers fun/gaming

  • redplanet has many Dixit Cards! (there is also the odyssee version in the lab)
  • Hetti has Exploding Kittens Cards! (Poke me if you wanna play or even borrow)
  • min likes to cook with people and gets hungry regularly :9
  • amir is looking for a crowd to play Shardlight (an awesome indie point'n'click adventure) together.

Hacker offers thorough discussion

  • ibisum Meta- discussion of any subject.

Hacker offers knowledge

  • ente seeks to exchange knowledge with other hackers. I know UNIX, C, a bit of lowlevel stuff, some maths and am generally interested in almost everything. I'm interested in organizing workshops about UNIX programming, regexps and fractals - please poke me in case you're also interested in one of those things happening at some point, I feel like I might need some pressure to actually get started.
  • Redplanet can teach you how the cuttr works - just ask.
  • LuGam offers basic knowledge about Qt Creator, as well as C and C++ and some Arduino Stuff. You can also ask things related to electronics, mechanic (strength calculations...) and usage of machinery (eg. milling and turning machine)
  • Hetti can teach you how to use the Witbox and Lazzzor. I'm sometimes corruptible with Club Mate for this stuff.
  • ripper knows:
- quite a bit about metal 3D printig
- how to operate the Geil-o-mat, but not really which programs produce useful G-code beside his proprietary CAD software. amir: Pycam is nice and produces EMC2 compatible gcode:
- how to operate the Metalathe
- CAD design
- a bit about electronics and PCB design

Hacker offers hardware

  • ente has an old Sun Ultra 10 (ca. 1998) he currently has no need for.
  • ente has a Gameboy Advance with a broken screen - can maybe be used for something fun
  • ente has a couple C64s he's willing to lend to interested people for interesting projects (in fact, let's do one together!)
  • redplanet has an old ASUS A7Dc laptop (17 inch; loud; broken battery; shabby condition but still working!) for hacky projects
  • redplanet offers 3x Nichicon 420V 82uF 18x25mm Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 105°C for Club Mate
  • redplanet has a plain accumulator battery W 20121217 PL116068 6000mAh, 3.7V (loading chip TP4056 1247 is pretty desolated) for projects.
  • pl Elgato EyeTV (USB 2.0 DVB-S/2) Full-HD with Remote Control and Power Supply
  • acheloos has some DDR2-SODIMM RAM Modules. When you need one, just poke. (from 1GB to 4GB)
  • ibisum Synths: DSP, Modular, classic, contemporary, experimental: Korg MS20, Roland SH101, ASM1 Modular, Quasimidi Sirius, Machinedrum, Access Virus, Yamaha FS1R, Soundart Chameleon, Puredata&etc., Free/Open-Source Music-Making. Computers: SGI: Indy, O2. BeBox. Atari. Oric-1/Atmos. C64. Dumpster-dived-derived-materials. &etc.
  • ente has a few CRT TVs taking up too much space.
  • redplanet can lend you his beer brewing set (for 25L)