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House Rules in simple English

Code of Conduct

Metalab is an inclusive community where everyone is welcome regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, income or religion. We want to discuss and learn more about technology in an environment of mutual respect, tolerance and encouragement. We want all participants to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Therefore, all participants are expected to be respectful towards each other.

All members enjoy equal rights and may use Metalab to create new things, as long as they don't stop others from doing the same. The following Code of Conduct records what is expected of everyone present at Metalab premises as well as other meetings held by Metalab.

  • Metalab has an awareness team called Anlaufstelle, which you can turn to in any situation. It deals with all incidents in a serious and confidential manner and shows solidarity with the affected people.
  • Recordings in any form at the Metalab are only allowed with the consent of all captured individuals.
  • Harassment includes offensive or unwanted comments about (for example) gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity or religion. It also includes deliberate intimidation, stalking, sustained disruption of conversations and inappropriate physical contact. Whenever you are uncertain if your behavior is appropriate, please ask and ensure that everyone is fine with it. Only "yes" means "yes"!
  • Participants who are asked to stop their inappropriate behavior are expected to do so immediately. If you observe such behavior, it is expected that you intervene immediately if possible, for example by interrupting the behavior, referencing the Code of Conduct, giving assistance to affected people or by informing the Anlaufstelle.
  • Think about what you say. Remember that exclusionary comments (e.g. sexism, racism, ableism, hostility towards queer people,…) – including jokes – can be offensive to those around you. They are not suitable for Metalab.
  • Even actions that are not recognized as problematic in your social group can be irritating to others. If this is pointed out to you, we expect that you show responsibility and consideration.
  • Don't show off or play with weapons or dangerous tools, as it can be frightening to others. Whenever you are not using something, put it away.
  • Before moving objects, try to find out who they belong to and ask whether you can move them.
  • Metalab consists of many diverse groups. To combat prejudice and daily discrimination, everyone needs to do better. You can find more resources to better inform yourself here >LINK AWARNESS< (Note: We are still working on these pages and will link them here when finished.)
  • In urgent situations all members can expel others for up to 48h. The Vorstand (via core[ÄT] as well as the Anlaufstelle have to be informed about this. The Vorstand can decide about further measures within 48h. Possible measures include warnings, deactivation of keys as well as temporary or indefinite bans.
  • Metalab is aware of its responsibilities to run a hackerspace which is as open and inclusive as possible and aims at forming a reflected and enlightened community. If an incident occurs, Metalab will do its best to assess and reappraise the situation and try to avoid similar incidents in the future.
  • You are important for maintaining Metalab, therefore please follow our Policies