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House Rules

Everyone is welcome at Metalab. You are welcome regardless of: age, heritage, income. We do not discriminate based on: gender, sexuality or religion. Metalab ist a place where we can discuss and learn about technology. We want everyone to have a good time at Metalab. That means we must be mindful of each other. All Metalab member have the same rights. Every member can use Metalab to create new things. The house rules defines wanted and unwanted behavior. The house rules apply at Metalab and at Metalab events.

  • Metalab has an awareness team called Anlauf-Stelle. The awareness team consists of volunteers. You can always go to the awareness team if you have problems. The awareness team will take every report seriously. They will not disclose details without your permission. The awareness team is on the side of the affected party.
  • You can only record other people after they gave you permission. You have to ask everyone present. Recordings include pictures, videos and audio recordings.
  • There is some behavior we do not want at Metalab. That includes exclusionary or insulting comments. Jokes can also be insulting. This can easily happen with the following topics:
* gender
* sexuality
* disabilities
* appearance
* heritage
* religion
* income
  • We do not want to frighten others. Not with words or signs. We do not touch people without permission. You can always ask if you are unsure. Sometimes people cannot say no. Only "yes" means yes.
  • When someone asks you to stop, stop your behavior immediately.
  • There are often things lying around. Ask around who things belong to before moving them.
  • Metalab consists of many different groups. We all have biases. Those biases can lead to discrimination. You can find >information about sign language here<. You can find >information about various topics here<
  • Weapons and tools are dangerous. Be careful when handling dangerous things. Otherwise you can frighten other people in the room. Put away dangerous things when you are not using them.
  • Maybe you notice bad behavior. It is important to respond. Here are some examples how you can help:
* You can interrupt the behavior
* You can point to the house rules
* You can ask someone for help
* You can support the person being affected
* You can tell our awareness team what happened
  • Some situations are urgent. In urgent cases you can send someone home. That person has to leave Metalab immediately. That type of temporary ban can last for 48h. The board will decide further actions. Every temporary ban must be reported to You can describe what happened and when it happened.
  • The board can take the following measures:
* speak out a warning
* take away key rights
* give the person a longer ban
  • The person that got banned is not allowed to be at Metalab. A ban can last to a week up to multiple months. In severe cases a ban can be permanent.
  • Metalab is an open hack-space. In a hack-space we can be creative with technology. As a community we try to learn from our mistakes.
  • Your help is important! You can find our general rules here: Policies.