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Come and join the Metalab open stage party!

You are an artist of any kind and willing to present your art in a 10 minute slot? - You are more than welcome to perform at the party!

You aren't an artist or just feel like attending instead of performing? - You're equally welcome!

A non-exhausive list of what you could perform: music, poetry, live drawing/painting, acting, silly walking, comedy... be creative and surprise use!

If you like we're going to record the acts - No problem if you don't.  --
When/Where: June 22th, 20:00, Bujattivilla, 14., Bujattigasse 19

You wanna help?

Check out and/or extend the lists at the Orga page.

Past MetaStage Parties

You wanna perform?

Please add yourself to the list below. If you can't because you don't have a wiki account please just drop me and email:

Amir, Guitar and Singing
Reginald Baerris, Comedy
Cornelia Kubinger, Piano and Singing
Werner Haider, Tuba and Singing
Philipp Winder, Guitar and Singing
Dara Lucie, Guitar and Singing
Siren Call, Guitar and Singing
Elet, Guitar and Singing
Walter Steinacher, Guitar and Singing
Jakob & Sando , Poetry
Sidi, Guitar and Singing
Lukas Antos, Guitar and Singing
Jakob & Martin, Guitar and Singing
Vicky Halo, Guitar and Singing
Laura Heily, Guitar and Singing
Sonja Pikart, Guitar and Singing

Metalab Open Stage Party
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June 22th 2018, 8pm
Amir, Juli
An open stage event at the Bujattivilla!
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