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time lapse setup at work

Executive Summary

Recording raw material for a time lapse video of the Metalab Leiwandville at CCC camp 2011.

Current Status as of 14.3.2012

Did I say 2 weeks? Well filally the full video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7XMG0-_dGE :)

Current Status as of 14.10.2011

postproduction, adding a soundtrack, release in about 2 weeks :)

Current Status as of 17.8.2011

The camera took almost 80000 (eighty thousand!) pictures from 8.8.2011 about 6am till 15.8.2011 about 1pm. I've copied all the data (about 21GB) to my hd and to a backup location so the data should be save :)

Available Media

Technical Details

  • Canon Powershot S95 with Canon Hack Development Kit which took a picture about every 7 seconds.
    • The pictures got stored on a 32GB flash card so I did not have to touch the setup during the camp (I still had to touch it twice because of the wind that knocked over the tripod...)
  • Automotive Battery, a DC/DC converter and a self built battery adapter for the S95
  • If I have time I might augment the video with some rendered objects using AR Toolkit
  • Solar collector for charging the automotive battery provided by AA who kindly offered to borrow it to me spontaneously during the camp :)

What about privacy?

I’ll have OpenCV face detection run over the pictures and add a black bar over each recognized face before the time lapse video gets released. UPDATE: This was not necessary because the only people that are close enough to the camera to be recognized is me and some friends who helped me with the camera setup and I asked them personally.


Fake Battery Pack for PowerShot S95

Who did this

Wizard23 with kind help from Datacop, Metaz, Mind, AA, Gregor and Consti