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Benoit Mandelbrot - the incredible and beloved mathematician - passed away last week at age 85.

Mandelbrot is most known for coining the term "fractal" and describing the Mandelbrot set. A lot of us are huge fans of Mandelbrot's work on fractals and fractal geometry and lots of our walls and computer screens have been decorated with awesome and sometimes psychedelic renderings of Mandelbrot's work.

Many of us, when first confronted with the concept of fractals, were dumbfounded and hypnotized by the endless ever-changing, although similar patterns arising from zooming in on the tiniest spots of the Mandelbrot set, only to experiencing a near-head-exploding out-of-body experience when realizing that this infinite world of detail is described by the seemingly innocent mathematical formula Z=Z^2+C.

For everyone who know and love the work of Mandelbrot, for those who have yet to discover it and for everyone in between, the Metalab is throwing a party in remembrance and honor of Benoit Mandelbrot.

We will do our best to help you relive the initial experience of discovering fractals and give you the chance to again fall in love with the wonderful and psychedelic world of infinity and chaos.

Let's hunt the hidden dimension together!


Sat, 23.10.2010 21:03.123089324


  • Byting Electro with DJ Paul Raal
  • Psychedelic 70ies fractal lounge by Amir
  • Fractal cookies by bina
  • Fractal coding competition under influence
  • Infinite chaos