Electric Field Imaging

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Hab gerade 2 samples von diesem netten sensor erhalten. Aus der Produktbeschreibung:

The MC34940 is intended for cost-sensitive applications where non-contact sensing of objects is desired. When connected to external electrodes, an electric field is created. The MC34940 detects objects in this electric field. The IC generates a low-frequency sine wave, which is adjustable by using an external resistor and is optimized for 120 kHz. The sine wave has very low harmonic content to reduce harmonic interference. The MC34940 also contains support circuits for a microcontroller unit (MCU) to allow the construction of a two-chip E-field system.

-- Freescale, MC34940: Proximity Sensor

bin nun dabei eine platine fuer den chip zu entwerfen. besoderes highlight...ich stell endlich auf smd widerstaende und kondensatoren um :) --Wizard23 22:09, 7. Feb. 2007 (CET)

I have a couple of thousand SMD parts lying around in the lab somewhere. Don't have an inventory though.. --MariusKintel 23:45, 7. Feb. 2007 (CET)


Conrad Artikel Nummern

  • 2x ELKO ELKO SMD 105°C 47µF 25V 6,3X5,4 G Art.-Nr.: 445164 - 62
  • 1x SMD VS 0603 10NF 50V 10% Art.-Nr.: 454532 - 62
  • 1x SMD WIDERSTAND 39K 0805 Art.-Nr.: 406449 - 62