DeepSec 2014 Afterparty

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DeepSec Afterparty 2014

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Where? At the Metalab, one of the oldest Hackerspaces in Europe (founded in 2006).

When? Friday, Nov. 21st 21:00 (9 PM).

What? Lots of fun, music, Club Mate, beer, juices, wine.

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  • Club Mate and Club Mate Ice-T - No alcohol but all the more caffeine.
  • We have an assortment of several juices and lemonades if you prefer your drinks unfermented.
  • For the beer-lovers we offer several sorts from small Austrian Breweries.
  • If you prefer wine, we have a nice choice from winemakers around Vienna and Lower Austria.

  • And Tschunk:

Safety Warning: Too many Tschunks can seriously affect your health

Tschunk is said to have "a bracing impact" if you dare to taste one of the more advanced drinks based on fermented cane sugar and Club Mate.

Music and Entertainment

  • Be prepared for electronic and progressive sounds, not too loud, not too quiet, not too avant-garde, not too main-stream. Just the right mix for a party!

  • Visuals by our regular members.

  • Have a tour through the Metalab, we love to show off with our favorite toys! Lazzor-Cutter! 3D-printer! Photo-Lab (yes the chemical stuff)! Electronics! Robot-Flowers! Blinken-Lights!

  • Soap bubbles, pool-noodle-swordplay for the childish, dancing or just chatting and joking around...


Wann Was Wer
21:00 - 23:00 Barkeeper/Kassa red667/amir
23:00 - 01:00 Barkeeper/Kassa ???/???
01:00 - 03:00 Barkeeper/Kassa


03:00 - end Barkeeper/Kassa


The Day After Aufräumen