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Gestartet: 21.01.2013
Involvierte: User:pl & User:hmw
Status: in progress
Beschreibung: Old couch-table is broken, so we are going to build a new one.
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 21.01.2013


We are going to build two new couch-tables, one of them with an integrated Pongofant(For playing pong).

Current status

  1. We've got two fancy dark-red 15mm thick & 700*595mm big counter tops.
  2. We've got a working Pongofant-setup(12v4A power-supply is missing).
  3. We've got an old, ugly and broken couch-table.
  1. We need to build a "framing" for the counter top.(Metal welding anyone?)
  2. We need to put a power-chord and a power-supply inside.
  3. We need someone who CNC-cuts a 435x245mm big ?cavity(Aussparung)? for the pongofant.(Presspanplatte)
  4. We could create a blue-line print/3d-model of the table.

Feature requests

  1. Yeah! You give us feature requests / feedback.
  2. Enough stability to be able to sit on the table. \o/