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Juli, pwnschlager, wirehead and I are going to build an LED project for Die Schmiede. We use this page to organize the project.

Document describing the whole system: Datei:CoFArch.pdf


What we need (except electronic parts)

What? Who? Cost Status Comment
1000 WS2811 LEDs amir & pwnschlager 138$ Done
(Guess) 4 x PC power supplies ? ? Done We found two working power supplies & wirehead has one
Oscilloscope ? ? Done
Tap measure wirehead ? Done
Lab power supply wirehead 0$ Done Will bring it
Multimeter meks & wirehead 0$ Done meks has one
Solder iron, solder meks & wirehead 0$ Done meks has one
Long power cables amir 0$ Done I have several meters. we have to figure out if that is enough.
Long signal cables amir & wirehead 0$ Done I have a large box full of 1m audio cables and two reels. wirehead also mentioned she had a reel.
Microcontroller for usb to midi amir 4€ Done We have 1 board
Microcontrollers for midi to LED translators juli 12€ Done We have 3 boards
Laptop amir 0$ Done We are going to use my laptop
Fog machine nini 0$ Done thx!
Fog liquid ? ? Pending I think i still have some stashed at the lab
Two Wiimotes rin / ? ? / 0$ Done
4 sets of rechargeable batteries for the Wiimotes amir 0$ Done Had some lying around
PA amir 0$ Done I've got decent and loud active speakers
Organize a net to mount the LEDs on juli & amir ? Partial We gonna scout this week
Cable Ties wirehead ? Done I have several sizes
Caravan wirehead 1000€ + Pending here is a list of options
Cable extension reel amir ? Done Got one

What electronic parts we need

Quantity Description PartNr. Cost Status
25 220Ohm 1/4watt resistor Digikey CF14JT220RCT-ND $0.72 pending
10 1N4148 diode Digikey 1N4148-TAPCT-ND $1.78 pending
25 10kOhm 1/4watt resistor Digikey CF14JT10K0CT-ND $0.72 pending
25 470 Ohm 1/4watt resistor Digikey CF14JT470RCT-ND $0.72 pending
25 6N138 optocoupler Digikey 751-1263-5-ND $33.23 pending
10 Lochrasterplatine Digikey 1738-1000-ND $13 pending


What? Who? Cost Status
Test the maximum length of a LED-strand (and therefor determine the number of needed power lines) ? ? ?
Program a Wiimote receiver for the laptop (x64-linux). amir 0$ Already done for another project
Program visuals based on Wiimote input for the laptop amir + pwnschlager 0$ amir wrote visuals
Encode the visuals to midi with a program for the laptop ? ? ?
Build and program a usb to midi transmitter dongle for the laptop. Optionally buy or borrow a midi interface ? ? ?
Build and program midi receiver to LED boards (short MW-boards) for each strand ? ? ?
Solder LED-strands with MW-boards ? ? ?
Solder power lines from power supplies to LED-strands ? ? ?


I hacked wmgui (part of libcwiid) to output MIDI events and wrote a simple visuals. (I also ported it from C to C++ so i could use RTMidi and the wonder of C++ :p)