Christmas PNC 2019

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Christmas Point 'n' Click!
Tuesday 24th Dec, 2019 18:00
Whole Metalab
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 19.12.2019

This year we gonna have our 7th christmas point 'n' click adventure at the metalab! i took the liberty to choose one game that i think might be enjoyable - please don't hesitate to add your suggestions. Bring cookies and friends :)

Little Misfortune

This games mainly caught my eye because we played "Fran Bow" (also by killmonday games) in 2015 and it was simply great. Since then I've been waiting for a new game by killmonday. If i remember correctly only User:m68k and i actually finished the game in a crazy 14 hours session but many others played with us and liked it.