CNC Router Workshop

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I'm going to hold a CNC router (short: CNC) workshop. You will learn the basics of computer controlled milling to the extend of enabling you to start planning your own projects. Please note that this workshop (like the laser cutter workshop) will not necessarily prepare you to do CNC jobs on your own. Rather it will help you planing, designing and maybe even generating/programming your CNC jobs to an extend that makes it easy to assist you in your first project. Permission to use the CNC router completely on your own will be granted on a case by case basis by someone who is well known for being able to safely operate the machine. Please note that the workshop will be limited to 6 participants. I'll hold the workshop in english unless the situation indicates otherwise.

There is a CNC mailing-list where you can ask for assistance: Additionally a list of currently active CNC people off the top of my head (please add yourself!):

  • Reox
  • Armin
  • Hobbes
  • Zwax
  • Anlumo
  • Ripper
  • me

Past Workshops

Dec 15th 18:00 Please add yourself to the list of participants below or send me an email amir(at) (max. 6 Participants):

  • U*** (<- added by me because we personally talked about it)
  • C*** (<- added by me because we personally talked about it)
  • Stoiker
  • Max Fuxjäger
  • H. B. (<- added by email)