Birthday PnC 2018

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Amir's Birthday Point 'n' Click Party
Friday 14th Dec, 2018 20:00
Whole Metalab
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 14.12.2018

I'm going to celebrate my birthday at the Metalab! i created this list of games that i think are worthwhile. Because we had bad eggs in the past this time I took a deeper review on them and added my findings below the link to the video. We are going to play a point 'n' click adventure (i also took the liberty to add an adventure platformer as well) . Additionally I will prepare snacks and food.

I propose the following games:


Lucid Dream is a point and click adventure with an emphasis on puzzles and exploration. It's dark and dreamy style, though unique, reminds me of "Fran Bow", especially since it features stop-motion-like animations. The music (to the extend of my testing) is minimalistic and mostly ambient but beautiful. Though the game-play clearly is modern, it mostly has a classic feel. The game was developed and published by the indie game company dali games. It is their first title.


Unavowed is a title by my favorite indie developer and publisher. The game features buffed up pixel graphics that were carefully crafted to make you forget the fact it's way better than classic graphics. You might have read that it has RPG elements. But that actually only means you get to choose your team (with each member having special abilities - "Maniac Mansion" style but without dead-ends), there are multiple main story lines and the stories are branching. Apart from that most of the game-play, the interface and the controls feel like variants of classic LucasArts games. That said you still can expect some wadjeteye specialities like: A bit of tasteful gore and splatter, great stories with satisfying endings, multiple last minute story branches with great effect and well balanced difficulty. Wadjet Eye Games has created or published 17 titles with 2 mediocre titles ("Puzzle Bots", "Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass") and one really bad title ("Shardlight"). The rest of the games range from very good to excellent. Unavowed was created by Dave_Gilbert (founder of the company) and all the titles he directed are great (We actually played all four titles of the "Blackwell" series he created).


Forgotten Anne is an adventure platformer that caught my eye due to its highly polished production and beautiful style. It features a cartoon style reminding me of german-japanese co-productions of the last century but with a lower number of in-betweens. The music score consists mainly of a generic but very well done movie orchestra. The cinematic feel, the interactivity of the world and production quality remind me of "Heart of Darkness". It has a strong emphasis on a promising story, it features a dialog system (but I'm not sure how much of a consequence decisions have) and the puzzles (to the extend i reviewed) don't seem hard. The game was developed by the indie company "ThroughLine Games". But I'm not sure it can actually be considered an indie game (can it?) since it was publish by Square Enix which is known for titles such as "Final Fantasy".