The Hackers Guide To The Metalab

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The page is just a draft. Discuss your ideas and changes with us!

Please join the Telegram group if you want to help and be aware that you should treat the group as if it wasn't encrypted:


I propose Jan 27th 2019 12:00 but let's see when everybody has time. I think the workshop should take place on a sunday.


A long (maybe even up to 8 hours) workshop about the Metalab and what you can do there. The workshop will start with a presentation. After that there will be a tour that consists of checkpoints for specific pieces of equipment (e.g: laser cutter, 3D printer...). At each checkpoint a hacker will explain what can be done with the equipment and show it in action with a small example. I'd like to have a fixed time table for when a piece of equipment will be explained so people can choose to only attend checkpoints they are specifically interested in.

In essence I'd like the workshop to make people understand what hacking is and how they can do it themselves at the Metalab. An additional desired effect is that attendees get in touch with a bunch of skilled lab people. And last but not least i think an introduction to history, culture and rules of the Metalab is a very good idea to do right at the start, so people can catch the spirit and know what to expect from the Metalab as well as what is expected of them.

I'd like to record video of the presentation and checkpoints (but this of course can still be a matter of debate) and Maxvalue showed interest in doing it.

The presentation and people interested in holding parts of it (just add yourself even if someone already showed interest)

  • What is considered hacking at the Metalab: amir
  • Short history of the Metalab
  • Overview of past and present activities in the Metalab
  • Overview of the equipment at the Metalab
  • Examples of hacks based on that equipment
  • Introduction to culture and rules: amir

Checkpoints and people interested in hosting them (just add yourself even if someone already showed interest)


What we need

  • People willing to take over part of the presentation
  • People willing to take over a checkpoint
  • Very public advertising (like MetaStage)
  • Coordination of the time table
  • Flyer/Poster/Sticker