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* -24 € first box outtake.
* -24 € first box outtake.

Version vom 24. Januar 2013, 04:29 Uhr

The Screw sortiment contains many Wood- some Metal- and Imbus-Screws (M2-M3-M4-M5-M6-M8). For most imbus, there are "Senkkopf" "Linsenkopf" and "Zylinderkopf" varieties. Please pay the price indicated at the drawers, usually in indicated in ¢. There is a cash box in between the racks.

Some additional parts I put in with a price tag, if they are from my private stock (e.g. Ball-Bearings, SMD 5050 Leds, ...)

I will not guarantee any rebuys, lets see which screws are actually used, and needed...

Current Cashflow

  • 60 € Racks
  • 183 € inital screw sortiment, Germany.
  • -24 € first box outtake.