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* Scottky's for shotbot?
* Scottky's for shotbot?
* RS-485 trancievers
* RS-485 trancievers
* USB2Parallel ftdi chips
* USB2Parallel ftdi chips (FT245R)
* buchsenleisten
* buchsenleisten

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  • ATMega644P-20PU (CSD-electronics, segor)
  • Flachband cable connectors 6x and 10x, male and female
  • 16x4 LCD panel (CSD: 32-1604-1, 32-1604-4
  • Scottky's for shotbot?
  • RS-485 trancievers
  • USB2Parallel ftdi chips (FT245R)
  • buchsenleisten
  • All necessary parts to build the new electonics from rrrf
  • SD-cards + USB adapter


  • temp sensor boards x 6
  • temp. sensors x 10
  • nichrome wire x 20
  • solarbotics motors: 3
  • Magnetic Rotary Encoder v1.0 PCB x 2
  • New PCB's


Logic analyzer: (Linux and Mac software coming soon!) LCD panel: Check RepRap LCD board Check RepRap button interface XPort/XPort wireless (network serial interface for microcontrollers), check LadyADA's ethernet shield Touch screen for Beagleboard