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(Materials in the Lab)
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=== Links ===
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Version vom 4. Juni 2008, 00:48 Uhr


After seing Vik's presentation about how to build a RepRap we've started our own implementation of a RepRap. Then Bre Pettis came by in November 2007 and decided to build a McWire-based RepRap for Roboexotica. In a week. Metalab inherited Bre's RepRap (yay!) and it's now used as a basis for our own RepRap.


  • Parts ordered from for XYZ axis and extruder boards.
  • XYZ axis in the works

Materials in the Lab

  • Two glasses CAPA/Polymorph -> went missing after the camp?
  • A roll of HDPE?
  • All necessary board and electronics for the RepRap and some spare parts