Puta Putin

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Puta Putin  ?

The puta putin was put in the kitchen.

He is hanging over the cash box, opens his eyes and gives you a glowing red stare everytime you are there, reaching for the cash box.

But why?!

Because Puta Putin is a fucking scary guy.

You wouldn't steal from Putin because it would mean messing with the FSB and the Mafia at once!


I got one of the super ugly ung drill frames from ikea.

Added some gold spray from baumarkt.

Then I got a picture of the scary putin from google..

Added a dash of GIMP..

A little uC coding

A little soldering..



The Picture consists of 3 Layers:

  • the front with the scary face
  • the eyelids (a part of his forehead copied)
  • and the eyes

For controlling i used:

  • 1 Teensy 2.0
  • 1 Sharp sensor 2Y0A02
  • 1 old Servo
  • 1 Deflection roller
  • 1 Tensionspring
  • 2 3mm red LEDs


Datei:Puta putin.zip


overflo did it.

Puta Putin frontview
Puta Putin frontview
Puta Putin backview
Puta Putin backview